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The Original Electric Actuator Company

Welcome to the original Electric Actuator Company. Since 1957 we have been designing, building and supplying simply the best quality actuators available, to customers around the world.

We are proud to have been producing products in our Bradford engineering factory for over 60 years and to still be sourcing all our component materials from English companies.

We produce a standard range of actuators from which we can adapt stroke, speed and force to suit customers individual requirements. To compliment our standard range of products we are often asked to help find bespoke solutions to our customers requirements, with hundreds of years of experience to call upon we are confident we can design an actuator to suit the most testing of our customers requests.

The Electric Actuator Company specialise in finding solutions to many industry actuation requirements. Deep Mining, Power Generation - Coal - Gas - Oil - Nuclear, Oil Production, The Railway industry - De Railing devices, The Water industry, Mechanical Handling, from container handling to baggage handling in many of the Worlds largest ports and airports and many more.

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Our name is synonymous with quality and reliability, we service and repair our own machines and it is not uncommon to receive a request to a service a machine which was built 30 - 40 years ago and is still in daily use.

Our name is your guarantee. If you require a truly World Class Actuator manufactured in the UK, our design to your specification, call us today.

  • Linear Actuator Order ready with controls for despatch
  • Industrial linear actuator for operating valves
  • Freight handling industrial linear actuator with 50 tonnes rating
  • Twin drive industrial linear door actuator with 60 tonnes rating for fracking market
  • Electric industrial linear actuator lifts 80 tonnes with 3 metre travel
  • Valve control industrial actuator
  • Electric Actuators sells industrial linear actuators to Arabian oil industry
  • Electric Actuators made in the UK
Made In Britain