Precision, Power, and Programmability Redefined!

Our new Servo Drive LMAX actuator has just completed testing. We have achieved excellent results and has exceeded all expectations.

Ready for final customer testing and approval in the coming weeks.


Thrust force: Maximum 600kgf, fully programable force control via machine control or “on the fly” adjustment during actuator cycle.

Speed: 0 – 24mm /sec, fully programable and “on the fly” speed adjustment including soft start / stop.

Stroke Length: 0 – 250mm

Positional control: Fully programable multiple stop positions along stroke length. Controlled via fixed program or real time positional adjustment.

Motor / Control: Siemens Servo Drive with customer PLC control.

Additional features:

Trunnion mounting on Guide Cover to allow integration onto existing equipment.

Shaft bellows for additional protection against operating environment.

Actuator designed to operate in dust laden environment IP55 at ambient temperatures up to 90° C

Special clevis design connection for mounting onto existing equipment.