As part of our ongoing development program, we are expanding our LMAX range of actuators to include the LMAX49. 

As one of our larger units, this actuator can provide precise control for raising and lowering high loads. Thanks to our engineering team working closely with the customer, a single actuator solution was developed to meet those precise requirements.


Thrust Force: Maximum 3600 Kgf

Speed: 12mm / second

Stroke Length: 0 – 800mm

Positional Control: EAC designed internal fully adjustable end of travel switches.

Motor / Control: SEW gearmotor / customer PLC control

 Additional features: 

Electro magnetic brake internally fitted to the gear motor.

Standard trunnion mounting on the main bearing housing and clevis fitting to push/pull tube.

Please Note:

 Higher push/pull forces. Longer strokes, slower or faster speeds are also available.